Parents Night Out    

Our very popular Parent's Night Out is a fun filled night of activities! 
Much better then staying home with a babysitter.

Take the evening off and go out for about the same cost of a babysitter!  Drop your children off in a safe, structured environment, and go enjoy a nice evening of peace and quiet!  Kids will be guided through a night filled with gymnastics, a yummy pizza dinner, and mind-engaging games. You'll find everyone nicely tuckered out when you pick up your little ones, and you'll be delighted with your night out on the town!

Date:       Third Saturday of every month (Check gym calendar for available dates)

Time:       5:00pm - 9:00pm

Age:        5 and Up

Cost:       $25 per person for members
                $30 per person for non members

Discount: $5 discount per person, if amount is paid by Friday before Parents Night Out.

Note:        Register early to avoid the lines at Parents Night Out and get the discount!!!

Your kids will love you for their time!  Your spouse will love you for your time!! 
So enjoy the time!!!