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  Seasonal Camps   

Get ready for a Gymnastics Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter Camp Experience unlike any other!

Elevate Gymnastics Academy invites your children to experience all of the fun our camps have to offer.  Some of our camps offer a week full of gymnastics, group games, arts, crafts, trampolines, ninja gym, and loads of other fun! Each day is jam-packed with fun activities to keep your child entertained, happy, and active.

Camp Dates:

July 8th - 12th

July 15th - 19th

Camp Times:

8:30 am - 12:30 pm (Half Day)

No early drop-offs


Ages 5 to 12  (age 4, if already enrolled in a gymnastic class)

Camp Costs:

$75.00 per day for members and $90.00 per day for nonmembers.

$300.00 per week for members and $360.00 per week for nonmembers.

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Bring your kids in and let them experience one of the best weeks of their vacation! 

  • A nutritious bagged cold snack is required for snack time and as a mid-morning energy boost.

Daily Camp Tips
Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Camp FAQ

Do children have breaks during the day?

Yes. There will be periods of time when children will be able to sit down and rest.  One of the rotations is arts and crafts so it will be non-gymnastics related, and the children will be able to relax while doing something productive.  There is another time when children will have snacks to recharge their energy. 

Can I stay and watch my child?


Parents are more than welcome to sit and watch in the viewing area.  If your child is nervous and does not want you to leave yet, we have a great parent viewing area that scans over the entire gym.

What if my child wants to be with their friend?


If you let the staff know on the first day of camp, we are more than willing to accommodate you and the children to be with their friend.

What if my child has more skills than his/her friend and they are in the same group?


If your child is at a higher ability level, we can put them in a lower group with their friend.  The coaches can assess the students’ skill levels and push them at their own level in each event.

How safe is it?


We have a highly trained staff that has gymnastics experience.  Many of our staff were gymnasts and they have come back for the summer to do what they love best - coach!  Each of the instructors has their own unique way of coaching and was properly trained to teach the children how to fall, jump, and land safely.

My child has to take medications during the day. Can I leave it with the instructor for my child to take?


Yes.  Please feel free to speak with your child’s instructor.  We will help your child properly take their medication and at the appropriate time.  We also will hold the medication for you throughout the week if you would like, so you do not have to bring it every day.

Do I provide food for my child?

Yes! Your child is required to bring a nutritious bagged cold snack for snack time, and a mid-morning energy boost.

If my child is sick, can we switch to another week?  Or get refunded?


Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds, but if there is space for another week you are more than welcome to switch prior to the first day of camp.  You will need to provide a doctor’s note before switching to another week.

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