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 Ninja Home Exercise Program  

Let's Stay Strong Together


Elevate Gymnastics Academy family, let’s stay strong together! EGA sympathizes with everyone and we are sure your kiddos are getting restless at home. Maybe even you! We are offering a solution. We all know that gymnastics builds character, especially when faced with adversity. We are putting together some home exercise programs that are easy and fun. Try to encourage as many family members as you can to participate, but make sure to get your parents permission first. We hope you enjoy the program. Look for more in the next couple of days.. Again, let’s stay strong together!


Saturday 4/4/2020...  Coach Kean and Jaden have put together another home workout for all of our Ninjas.  Invite your family members to join you and have some fun. T his video is light hearted and will brighten your day as you work hard.  Make sure you get permission from your parents.  Let's all stay strong together! P .S. These exercises can be done by anyone....not just our Ninja athletes

Saturday 4/22/2020...  Attention all Ninjas!! Coach Kean and Jaden have put together another home exercise video for you to do at home. Let's continue to stay strong together!

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