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 May Home Exercise Program  

Let's Stay Strong Together


Elevate Gymnastics Academy family, let’s stay strong together! EGA sympathizes with everyone and we are sure your kiddos are getting restless at home. Maybe even you! We are offering a solution. We all know that gymnastics builds character, especially when faced with adversity. We are putting together some home exercise programs that are easy and fun. Try to encourage as many family members as you can to participate, but make sure to get your parents permission first. We hope you enjoy the program. Look for more in the next couple of days.. Again, let’s stay strong together!


Tuesday 5/5/2020...

Warm up:
3 rounds of
10 squats
5 Inch worms
:30 Handstand Hold

Skill: Handstand
2 x 1min Handstand Hold
2 x :30 Handstand position hold on the floor

Push ups
Sit ups


Friday 5/8/2020...

Warm up:
5 minute AMRAP
20 mountain climbers
15 squats
10 V-Ups

2 x :30 side plank hold
2 x 20 side plank hip lifts

:40 On :20 Rest x 3 rounds
- candlestick stretch jumps
- bird dogs
- Plank side hip taps
- flutter kicks


Monday  5/11/2020...

3 rounds of :30 for each exercise
- lunges
- crunches
- plank hold

Skill Work:
2x15 leg pulses
5x:10 straddle press hold

:30 On :20 rest
Alternating lunges
Inch worms
Curtesy lunges


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