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Parent and child participate together in this toddler movement exploration class.  It is a wonderful way to introduce hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and listening skills. Children at this age are introduced to reading readiness, comprehension, and vocabulary through fine motor development, spatial awareness, and gymnastics technology.

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We are looking for someone with great people skills and is able to multi-tasks. Must work with other members of the front office staff.

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December 16th 

Parents Night Out

Come and drop off your children while you enjoy some adult time to go see a movie, catch up with friends, go dancing, have dinner, or just enjoy an evening together without your little peeps in tow!  We entertain and feed your peeps, while you entertain yourselves!

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December 15 - 21 

Winter Presentations

This is a chance to preform and show off the skills you've learned for friends and family during your regular scheduled class time.

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December 23 - January 2 

Gym Closed For The Winter Holiday


The developmental team program is based on the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program.  This Program consists of five levels, level one being the easiest and level five being the more difficult.  Each level has specific skills and routines that the gymnast will be periodically tested on after being mastered.


Tumbling classes take a focused approach on perfecting tumbling skills.  This hour long class practices on Floor, Trampoline, and Tumble Track events.  Both boys and girls can enjoy this accelerated course to obtaining skills like the round-off back handspring and flipping skills.



The girls progress and excel using nine high beams, six low beams, and six sets of uneven bars.  The boys have two high bars, two sets of parallel bars, three ring towers, two suspended rings, two pommel horses, and countless mushrooms.  Elevate has over 135 competitive gymnasts in both our boys and girls programs.


Parent and child participate together in this movement exploration class.  It is a wonderful way to introduce hand-eye coordination, motor skills and listening skills.  Parents follow along with their child through age appropriate circuits that can include trampoline, low balance beam, and low bar.



Our Recreational Programs are designed to meet the needs of children in their formative years.  Our enthusiastic instructors will provide a time of fun and fitness through gymnastics-oriented activities.

 Aim for a Perfect 10 

As soon as you can walk

you can join the fun!


 For All 


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